Faith notes

As a pastor, you may think that I’m biased and just spout the company line.

After all pastors are supposed to talk about God a lot and quote the Bible wherever possible.

However, there was a time, for me that I didn’t even believe in God, let alone attend a church.

In my twenties I was a happy little Vegemite who had absolutely no need of any sort of god in my life.

I wasn’t unhappy or searching for meaning.

I wasn’t looking for Him.

I didn’t need a god, I felt, because I had my life quite neatly sorted out.

One day, for only the second or third time in my life, I went to church.

My new girlfriend, now my long time wife, asked me to come with her.

She was passionate about God and I was passionate about her.

I went along to show her how much she was being fooled by the church, because I knew that there was no God.

However, that night, out of nowhere, He just spoke to me and said “Here I am.”

That moment changed my whole life instantly.

I then had to decide whether to accept Him and the Bible as trustworthy and true or just nice stories and fables.

I decided to give the whole thing a shot.

I didn’t know anything about God or the Bible but decided to live as if everything was the real deal and see what came of it.

Well, you know what?

I’ve found He is the real deal and I’m having a ball.

If God came looking for a very ordinary guy like me, just maybe He could be knocking on your door as well.

Why not open that door and invite Him in.

He really does want to be your friend.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church