Community helped shape council direction

Travis Barber

Travis Barber

What a huge month February has been for the Streaky Bay District Council.

Firstly I would like to thank all the community members whom attended the four community forums held throughout the district last month.

These meetings are of particular importance for the council as we get to meet residents we probably would not get to meet otherwise and the information we gain is very important as it helps us monitor and act as efficiently as possible in repairing damaged assets and for forward planning on any issues the outer lying residents see that we do not necessarily pick up on straight away.

We gain perspectives for future ideas and directions, which we document and have used in our strategic management plan for 2016-2026, which is now complete.

I invite everyone to get a copy of this from the council office and have a read.

I feel it is a really good document that gives us huge scope and a large umbrella of strategies to not only take us forward into the future but one which can be added to as reviews come up.

As we are all acutely aware, things change all the time, so for us to be proactive this document is a ‘live’ document and can be changed, reviewed and added to at each review stage.

The next review will be January 2018 so keep your thoughts and ideas coming.

The council has been successful in gaining grants toward the airport for lighting and generator upgrades to the sum of some $100,000, which is fantastic news and of significant importance for the day-to-day operation of the airport in emergencies such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and general services such as the bank plane etcetera.

The council has adopted a motion to look into recycling bins for the council area and we are pressing forward with costings and options available to us to be able to proceed with this.

It will enable us to prolong the life of the waste transfer station, as well as giving us the ability to recycle, with the potential of getting some reasonable returns for our recycled goods that will help the community moving into the future.

The less that goes into the ground has to be a good thing, an exciting prospect so keep an eye out for updates on this front.

Travis Barber 

Streaky Bay District Council mayor