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LETTERS: Send your letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au
LETTERS: Send your letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Make a decision

After watching recent coverage of our Federal Parliament, I quickly arrived at the conclusion that any important decisions required for our economic future, will not be taken by our current elected representatives. The behaviour exhibited by them was rude, offensive, childish, unprofessional, uncaring, self serving and thoughtless.

Is it any wonder that many Australians have grave concerns with our current system of representative Government. The recent decisions of Brexit and the election of Mr Trump are the direct result of high levels of voter disenchantment and disconnect.

Australian politicians beware.

The mantra from the recent election of  "we have heard your message", from all sides of politics, has been repeated often, but it is just an advertising slogan - sounds good, but means nothing. Perhaps it should be replaced with "we have listened to your message", but unfortunately listening requires something to be done.

At the next state/federal election, I would  encourage all Australians to abstain from voting so we rid ourselves of either federal or state politicians and let the bureaucrats run the country/state, which they probably already do.

Getting rid of one level of government from Australia's three-level system would have cost benefits and lead to more streamlined decision making.

Expressing our disenchantment by transferring  votes to minor parties or independent candidates continues to fracture the path to decisive government, leaving us with a parliament which has to try an appease every interest group by making financial and socially constricting concessions to every piece of new legislation.

Collaboration and consensus are wonderful sentiments but elected governments, at times, need to make decisions which, while they may not please everyone, will lead to both economic and social improvement.

Our current politicians need to take their eye off the next election and their chances of being re-elected.




Questions are floating around in my head about the nuclear waste facility. 

Who can answer these questions truthfully? 

I can’t believe it’s come back again to stir our district. I was told it would never come back. 

Council are agreeing to it but are all the ratepayers?

Two million dollars per year, but is it really truthful?

Two million dollars would only buy four headers. How far would a piece of string go?

Would the High Court of Australia be in favor of radioactive waste in farming land? 

The waste is 20 kilometres away from Lucas Heights, here it will be only 5kms away. Why? 

South Australia with 80 radioactive sites? Is this hospitals with low radiation waste? Or is it more? 

Don’t have it on farming land, we need our food bowl for the future. 

People have said, would you want to eat your bread and cake from wheat grown in agricultural land with nuclear waste alongside? And they say no. 

Kimba and Buckleboo have the cleanest wheat to make bread with. It’s top quality grain. Would this reputation be affected? 

Who is offering the money for these sites? 

The hundreds of Kimba district have Aboriginal names, as do many all over Eyre Peninsula but we are not isolated on the Nullarbor we live in Kimba council district. 

We are not remote but we are placed centrally on Eyre Peninsula. 

What would a radioactive nuclear waste dump do to tourism (local and the west) to our clean, green Eyre Peninsula image?

Think about it.