Infrastructure projects to come to fruition

Ceduna mayor Allan Suter

Ceduna mayor Allan Suter

In the years to come the council has some very important infrastructure projects (which date back over 10 years from inception) coming to fruition after many years of hard work.

The fish unloading facility will give our local economy a major boost once it starts operating. 

The actual anticipated finish date has now gone into 2018 however this is such a major undertaking that it is important that we do everything very carefully indeed.  A project manager will be appointed to oversee this exercise in the near future.

Similarly the construction of a new safe swimming enclosure dates back too many years however it will be completed in time for next year’s summer. 

None of us are happy about the many delays but it should be noted that we could have ended up with an expensive enclosure pushed onto the beach in the first extreme weather event.  This is no longer a danger.

The trial of the cashless debit card has been a major achievement on the part of our local Aboriginal Leaders, the council and both the state and the Australian governments. 

It has resulted in all of us learning how to work together effectively in a cooperative and effective manner.

Personally I hope that this trial is extended for another 12 months (or in the long term) because of the outstanding results that have been achieved. 

No single initiative will solve all issues (there is no silver bullet) however this trial, coupled with the various other initiatives over the past decade or so, has changed many peoples’ lives in many ways previously not achievable.

Hopefully our elected member body can continue to operate in the thoroughly professional way that it has been doing. The decision-making process is not marred by individual agendas or self interest, which is the way it should be - I am confident that this happy situation will continue.

The council has plans to complete a major general upgrade in Thevenard.  We will need assistance from outside funding grants to make this happen over the next few years and the master plan is the first crucial step towards achieving this goal. It is fair to say that the upgrade planned for Thevenard is a very overdue one.

I also hope that everyone has a very happy and prosperous 2017 and onwards.

Alan Suter

Ceduna District Council mayor