Faith notes

No matter the newspaper I buy I always read the back pages first. Like many others, but indeed not all, I love all kinds of sport. There is probably a whole ABC of world sports. Compare the present day situation with a generation or two ago when most of our interest in sport was horses, dogs, cricket, tennis and local football and netball.

Today there is a host of formerly unrecognised games and events, which perform on the wide world stage of the media competing for our attention - the only reality shows worth watching. The marvels of modern technology beat the static crackle of radio presentations 50 years ago. Yes I do remember that, Bradman was so compelling.

Now we can hear and see the commentators, the contestants, spectator reaction, judge the umpires and if you miss the action first time, instant replay proves it actually happened.

Unfortunately the power of the mighty dollar now dictates when, where and how we are offered sporting events. In the past we feasted on golf and all brands of cricket. The Australian Open tennis is on and the Tour Down Under will showcase Australia throughout the world. Venue crowds, armchair viewers, mobile phone watchers are in greater number than ever before, as is the increasing interest in women's sport.

One can only hope that the prejudice and bigotry of a few will not be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment that sport affords so many in the community. So many good friendships are grown on sporting fields. Grandchildren love to hear their pa relating how he kicked the winning goal after the siren. No need to refer to being bowled with one run needed.

So let's enjoy our sport but not forget the people who are denied such privileges as they languish in displaced persons' camps or war zones seeking sustenance to eke out another day. Just a fraction of what we spend on enjoying sport in one week would work miracles for the needy. So let's be good sports and share more generously with others in 2017 so everyone is a winner. I pray that you are thinking about that Jesus fellow I mentioned when I last wrote an article. I'm always up for a chat. Have a blessed and happy new year.

Dean Heyne, Lutheran Parish Ceduna