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Job promises not kept

Letters to the editor should be no more than 300 words and can be emailed to kaitlyn.fasso-opie@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Letters to the editor should be no more than 300 words and can be emailed to kaitlyn.fasso-opie@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

DURING the federal election, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised all these jobs.

It should be a poll issue at the next election.

Ford Motor Company and the Holden Cruiser closed their doors last Friday.

General Motors Holdens will be next year.

It is sad for Australia in the loss of jobs and the end of Commodores.

E.J KEMPSTER, Port Lincoln

Bight drilling ‘nonsense’

IT is absolutely nonsense the rhetoric that has been written by the anti-drilling loonies and the left leaning, lazy green lobby, advocating the demise of oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight. 

It amazes me that some people are devoid of intelligence and so short sighted. For the past 48 years, drilling for crude oil has been extremely successful in  some of the roughest seas in the world – namely Bass Strait. 

Operating with the mot sophisticated ‘prevention’ equipment available and the correct training, crude oil blowouts are prevented.

I cannot see any reason why drilling for oil is halted or prevented. I have fished in the Bight for a lifetime and I believe I know what I am talking about.

Don't listen to the foolish rhetoric spread by the Green politicians.

We in South Australia, urgently need jobs to overcome our state's financial difficulties.

HAGEN H. STEHR, AO, SA seafood ambassador

Ode to SA power outages 

THE sky is dark, the wind is strong, the power’s out… but for how long? 

The hail’s pelting down, the street river’s flowing, now is the time to get candles aglowing. 

The sky’s ablaze with thunder and lightning, to everyone’s gaze, it’s all very frightening. 

The candles are burning, to bring me some light, do you think they will make it all through the night? 

The slow cooker stopped midway through lamb shanks, what stuff is this?

More energy pranks? How will I go to cook them on further?

Lucky for me, I have a gas burner. Gas lantern aglow and a little gas heater, what better way to bypass the meter? 

Patience is the card game I know to play on your own, with candles aglow. 

Lucky for me I recently bought, puzzle books plenty, so I won’t get distraught. 

The dogs are inside, all wet and smelly, if the power was on, we could watch telly. 

The ‘puter is out, the phone line is dead, what else can I do, than just go to bed. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: This poem was submitted anonymously to the Eyre Peninsula Tribune under the front door of the Tribune office. We would love to know who wrote it! 

Same-sex marriage

CHURCHES and small businesses unwilling to provide services catering for ‘same-sex’ marriage ceremonies may well – if such marriages are legalised – face persecution.

Federal Attorney General George Brandis is proposing amendments which allegedly offer some protection.

But apart from church ministers and marriage celebrants, other likely targets (cake-makers, function room owners etcetera) look like remaining unprotected.

Such people may well put up with it, sticking to their principles anyway – and having clear consciences to live with.

Not so those politicians denying people rights to live by their beliefs. Especially Mr Brandis, Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten – plus many MPs around Australia – who are doubly compromised. The ones who attended Catholic schools.

They know what marriage is. But many don’t make a stand. And it’s not just them. 

Perhaps we all should put in more effort to defend justice.

ARNOLD JAGO, Nichols Point, Victoria