Faith notes

DURING the last few weeks, we have faced up to struggles that some of us have not seen before.

With electricity blackouts and unusual storms we have all managed to survive.   

Some of us who are getting into our later years can remember when we did not rely so much on what happened elsewhere because we were more self sufficient.

 Everything was cooked on or in wood stoves, which also provided warmth and hot water.

Milk came from a cow, and our meat was from farm animals.  

How things have changed, and how reliant we are on things beyond our control.

Another struggle we have is when we suffer pain.  

We may ask what will God do about our suffering?  

How does the suffering believer reconcile personal pain with the goodness of God?  

I don’t  have the answer to these questions. There is some merit in what I have been told; if you may find God in your struggle.

"Your life will richly bless those you touch."

"Your life will richly bless those you touch."

Your life will richly bless those you touch. I encourage you to reject running away from life.

I believe we can trust God even as we ask why.   

We can set our jaw and decide once and for all that we know God is there, and that He brought his power to conquer suffering and death in Jesus.  

A loving God is in control. Downcast people sometimes feel that life is unfair, and they have no alternative but to suffer.

Rather than blaming God and becoming bitter and cynical, we can choose our response.

When the apostle Paul was in prison facing death, he wanted to be out preaching about Jesus.  

He wrote a letter to his friends and told them that with no alternatives you still had a choice, he said, “Whether I live or die Christ will be glorified”.  

Thanks to God sending his son, sin, death, and suffering do not have the last word.

God’s love has the final word.   

The answer to death has been given through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Allen Stott, Ceduna Uniting Church ministry team