A week worth of reflection

IT usually takes me a minute to read Faith Notes each week and learn more about how my community and I could prosper better if we let God into our lives just that bit more each week.

This week I’d like you to read something and reflect on it each day.

Go on make this old fellow happy and maybe you too.


The well of providence is deep. It’s the buckets we bring to it that are small.


Faith never knows where it is being lead but it knows and loves the One who is leading.


God created the world out of nothing and as long as we are nothing He can still make something of us.


The opposite to love is not hate.

The opposite of love “is do nothing”.


Let your life be distinguished by conscientious work, by graciousness, by simple kindness and above all a readiness to serve others.


The great things are so simple, the simple are so great.

Even I can contribute to my community.


Great to see you still with us.

So who is this Jesus that crops up regularly in Faith Notes?

Is He as far away as outer space or is He as close as our breathing?

Only you can answer that.

That’s our choice to make.

If life is but a passing mirage that disappears at death then so be it.

If our spirit lives on and not knowing when the new dawn will come then I will open every door to welcome this Jesus into my life.

He’s the hero of the Bible.

If you want to give me a call, I won’t Bible bash you.

God bless you in all that you do.

Dean Heyne, Ceduna Lutheran Parish


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