Children’s book delights

A PORT Lincoln dentist, originally from Wudinna, has written a children’s story and is now working towards releasing it as a book.

Dr Jarrad Elson started writing his story ‘Cheetah the Cheater’ almost a year ago and has learned there is a lot that goes into making a top quality children’s book.

He has even kept people updated on his progress online.

Dr Elson, who works as a dentist in Port Lincoln, has been creating a children’s book titled ‘Cheetah the Cheater’ and can now add ‘author’ and ‘dentist’ to his CV.

He said it all started after he saw that Kevin Rudd was a published author because he had written a children’s story.

“I scoffed at this and told anyone who would listen that anyone could become an ‘author’ by writing a children’s story, so I decided to prove to everyone how easy it was and sat down to write it,” he said.

“It was a lot more difficult than I anticipated because I was writing it in rhythm and rhyme, which takes a lot of refining to get it right.”

Dr Elson started writing the story in August last year and started refining it in January.

The story is about jungle animals who are fed up with Cheetah who never seems to lose at games, until they find out he does so by cheating. 

Dr Elson said he had the title in his mind since doing a primary school assignment when he was 10.

“We had to write a children’s story, but the name came to me after I had finished,” he said.

“So I’d always thought that if I wrote another kid’s story, that’s what it would be called.”

Dr Elson has reached out to professionals to ensure the book is of top quality.

He approached Dr Virginia Lowe to refine his manuscript, Russian based illustrator Erika Tcogoeva to provide illustrations and Melbourne based book designer Bruno Herfst to assist with the design.

Dr Elson said he also received help from his girlfriend Tanysha, his friend Han and his housemate Alex who assisted while he was working on the draft.

He said people have enjoyed the story.

“People generally seem very surprised when I tell them that I, of all people, have written a children’s story and plan to publish it,” he said.

“But I’ve yet to meet one person who doesn’t like the story.”

Dr Elson has also used the internet to inform people and created a website,, which details the whole process behind the book.

As for when the book will be out, Dr Elson said it would depend on finishing the illustrations and the design.

“I’m really hoping it will be out before Christmas so people can give it as an excellent gift,” he said.

LOOK OVER: Dr Jarrad Elson runs an eye over his children's book during one of his work breaks.

LOOK OVER: Dr Jarrad Elson runs an eye over his children's book during one of his work breaks.