Ceduna misses out

WHILE District Council of Elliston are happy about receiving over $802,000 in grant funding from Round Four of the Regional Development Australia Fund, District Council of Ceduna aren’t smiling.

Their proposed Fish Unloading Facility for Thevenard has once again missed out on obtaining funding, making it the third time the proposal has been unsuccessful.

This has come as a surprise to both the Council and Regional Development Australia–Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP), after the project was placed at the top of the list of projects from the region due to the identified income and employment benefits it would bring.

District Council of Ceduna Mayor Allan Suter said it was extremely disappointing to see a huge amount of time and effort bring no results, and how recent Government activities have hurt the process.

“We are gutted to miss out again, and are at a loss as to how it wasn’t successful,” he said.

“It appears funding was taken from the regional process and put into campaigning in the Sydney Metro areas, which is another case of Government pork barrelling.”

The Council will look towards smaller scale options that are more affordable.

RDAWEP have also expressed dissatisfaction with the result, especially as their other project, the Middleback Theatre in Whyalla, also missed out on funding.

Acting RDAWEP CEO Alex Todd said they were pleased to see Elliston receive funding, but the overall result for the region was bittersweet.

“There were three good quality projects, and two of them weren’t supported,” he said.

“The Elliston project was an important one, but it was of lower dollar value than the other two.

“The bottom line is we would’ve like to see more projects and a higher dollar value in the region.”

However regional councils, including Ceduna, will receive $194,000 to use on a project, which meets a certain criteria.

Mr Suter said the Council will look at what project they will focus on.

“Council will investigate the most productive way the funding will be used, as there is no shortage of projects, it will just depend on the criteria,” he said.

“I would like to congratulate Elliston on their success of obtaining the funding for their project.”

Proposed site: The slipway at Thevenard, which is where the Thevenard Fish Unloading Facility is planned to go.

Proposed site: The slipway at Thevenard, which is where the Thevenard Fish Unloading Facility is planned to go.