One year on, Wirrulla's love endures

LAST year the community of Wirrulla gained national attention with the ‘Wirrulla Wants a Wife’ event, where 35 local farmers met with women from Adelaide and from the Eyre Peninsula.

The event took place on March 9 and 11, with the 65 participants taking part in a weekend full of activities, seeing local sights and entertainment.

Almost a year has passed since then, and it seems there has been some love stories emerging from the event.

At least three couples have reportedly continued their relationships from the event, while another couple were recently married.

The Wirrulla Wants a Wife committee were hoping to see at least one marriage emerge from the event, and it looks like they have met this goal.

Committee member Karen Agars said everyone involved was very happy to know of these continuing relationships.

“We’re definitely happy with this news, with one wedding happening from the event it met the goals we aimed for when we organised it,” she said.

“It does show relationships can develop no matter where you are, if you go out and look for it you never know who you’ll meet.”

Around 450 people attended Wirrulla Wants a Wife throughout the weekend, including the 65 participants.

While this was not the first time so many people have gathered at Wirrulla, the event drew the admiration from people across the region, the state and the country.

District Council of Streaky Bay also recognised the committee’s achievement by awarding them with the inaugural Community Achievement of the Year Award on Australia Day.

Mrs Agars said it was a big achievement for the community of Wirrulla and everyone else involved.

“This event couldn’t have happened without the community’s involvement,” she said.

“Wirrulla Wants a Wife shows what a community like Wirrulla is capable of.”

As for those still looking for love, Mrs Agars said farmers should look out for events like Wirrulla Wants a Wife and try their luck.

“They need to get out there and take part in events like this, because you’ll never know who you’ll meet,” she said.

Smoky visit: participants of Wirrulla Wants a Wife gather at Angel’s Oyster Barn at last year’s event.

Smoky visit: participants of Wirrulla Wants a Wife gather at Angel’s Oyster Barn at last year’s event.