Co-management on radar

JONAS Woolford, from Streaky Bay, will be looking at co-management of fisheries as part of his 2017 Nuffield Scholarship. 

Mr Woolford is supported in his scholarship by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and Nuffield South Australia. 

Mr Woolford said he was really looking forward to exploring where co-management had been applied well around the world and asking questions about why it had worked.

“It'll be grueling but a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. 

He will investigate cohesion between primary industry, community and government for the effective co-management of natural resources in the inherently complex seafood industry.

Mr Woolford said his research would be significant for the potential of South Australia’s seafood industry to grow and provide protein in an environmentally sustainable way for all Australians and internationally.

He said he planned to learn how different countries and cultures, particularly where seafood had historically been a staple and driver of the economy, deal with complex social licence issues and achieve effective co-management.

“The seafood industry is inherently complex as the resource is owned by the crown and those with a commercial licence receive an allocation, which is only issued for a specific period of time,” he said.

“This resource is also shared with recreational groups and importantly, Aboriginal traditional owners.”

He said spatial access to fishing grounds was also affected by other factors such as aquaculture, shipping, mining, oil and gas exploration, defence and biodiversity conservation like marine parks. 

“This means that effectively co-management is key to ensure that our precious natural resources are cared for and utilised in the best way for all concerned.”

He will travel to Japan, Scandinavia, Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the United States as part of his scholarship.

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