Shooting for the stars

FAR West Gun Club held another twilight shooting night on Friday, with 15 people participating.

This was the third twilight shooting night for the Gun Club, which have started over the last two months.

Gun Club President Steve Donnelly said they are looking to make it a monthly occurrence.

“We will try to have it on the monthly roster, most likely on a Friday,” he said.

“We hold events on the second Sunday of each month, but for many people Sunday shooting eats into their weekends, so we’re hoping Friday night events will take off while leaving weekends free.”

The Club have been working to boost membership, and have seen their membership double over the past two months.

Shooters participated in down the line shooting, using 12 gauge shotguns with 50 target event rounds.

Shooters are ranked in four different grades, C grade for shooters with an under 87 per cent shooting efficiency, B grade for above 87 per cent, A grade for above 94 per cent and AA grade for above 97 per cent.

Shooting began around 9.30pm and continued until around 11.00pm.

Steve Donnelly ended up scoring the highest on the night, hitting 49 out of 50 targets, while Club Secretary Roger Freeman finished second hitting 45 out of 50.

Both Mr Donnelly and Mr Freeman participate in Gun Club events across the State along with member Howard Sleep, where they also take on a role as ambassadors for the club.

The Gun Club also takes part in ball trap and skeet shooting events, which are held only during the day.

Each year the Gun Club also hold their Birthday Shooting event, with people coming in as far as Adelaide and Broken Hill to attend.

This year it will take place on March 2, and will be a two-day event with ball trap and down the line events.

Events at this year’s Birthday Shoot will be sponsored by: Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel, Bridgestone Ceduna, Ceduna Fuel and Tyres, Allen and Carol Suter, Windyridge, S.J. Donnelly Building, Howard Sleep and Penong Town and Country (High Gun Sponsor).

The Club will also be holding an open day in November.

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